Say hello to Brendan McClatchey, everyone.

//Say hello to Brendan McClatchey, everyone.

Say hello to Brendan McClatchey, everyone.

He’s from The Bronx, New York and he comes to Oh Hi by way of the craft beer industry. He started brewing for New South Brewing Co. in Myrtle Beach, and would go on to brew at River Horse Brewing Co. in New Jersey and Ska Brewing in Durango. “I also did a year on the road selling beer for a Coors distribution house selling everything from Red Bull to Ommegang,” he says. “That experience taught me a lot about the industry as a whole that exists outside the brewhouse.”

Much of Brendan’s craft beer background crosses over to his new role. “My experience in politics before that helps, too,” he adds. (Brendan has a former life doing political advocacy and campaign consulting before he became a brewer.) “Some of the production aspects from one carbonated beverage to another are similar, too.”

Brendan is excited to be a part of something that is driving the industry in a new direction, and excited to be in Colorado, where he has called the San Juan Mountains home for more than five years. “The flourishing marijuana industry here is a testament to Colorado’s political modernization and forward-thinking,” he says. “Not to mention the state’s abilities as a manufacturing hub, or the work ethic of the people who want to live here.”

Brendan’s favorite Oh Hi-enhanced activities are fishing, sailing, and skiing.

One part of Brendan’s brewing background he didn’t want to give up was his mash paddle, so the fine folks at Ska Fabricating fashioned him an Oh Hi paddle for his new role as Oh Hi’s first Seltzier, (read operations manager, packaging technician, R&D, QA, and some sales all rolled into one).

Welcome to the team, Brendan!

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