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Introducing Colorado’s newest THC infused beverages, Oh Hi. This line of cannabis infused sparkling seltzers is designed to amp life experiences with your health in mind. Boost your adventures and enhance your social interactions with Oh Hi THC infused Pomegranate, Lemon Lime, Grapefruit, and Ginger Basil Limeade seltzers. Light, crisp, and refreshing for all occasions, Oh Hi THC infused drinks take that fruit forward bubbly water we all love to the next level.


We are a small-batch company that produces and packages in Durango, Colorado. Oh Hi is proud to be one of the few water-soluble THC infused drinks on the market. Our fast acting, refreshing, and handcrafted cannabis drinks are sure to enhance all of life’s endeavors.

Oh Hi was forged through the collective passion of our owner’s hard work to create, test, and deliver on this amazing cannabis infused seltzer. We strive to create high-quality, health-conscious cannabis enhanced products to help you live your life to the fullest. Oh Hi believes in living with passion, consciousness, quality, and above all else, fun. Oh Hi marijuana drinks are made to elevate experiences for adults through responsible cannabis use.

Aaron and Jonny are the co-owners of Durango Organics. Matt Vincent is one of the owners of Ska Brewing, and the founder of Ska Fabricating. Collectively Aaron, Jonny, and Matt bring a breadth of business, entrepreneurship, technical, and both marijuana and beverage-specific experience to Oh Hi. They also share a love for marijuana, cannabis products, craft beverages, and enjoying the outdoor playgrounds of Colorado.


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Because you want to mix it up a little. Without a lot of sugar, or guilt.

Oh Hi strives to create a well-balanced, flavorful, and fun beverage that can be enjoyed by anyone, any time. Approachable and not overpowering, our marijuana infused seltzers are a great introduction to cannabis products. That means an optimal amount of added THC and CBD, refreshing flavors, and the perfect amount of effervescence to lift your pinky a little bit.

As one of the few products with water soluble THC, Oh Hi is able to deliver THC quickly to your system and help you achieve peak relaxation sooner.

Oh Hi provides just the right amount of life enhancement today without having to risk how you feel tomorrow. The low dose of 10 milligrams per cannabis drink enhances the experience without discomfort, and without the long-lasting struggle bus that could be the next morning.

Oh Hi seltzers contain naturally occurring terpenes, aromatic organic compounds that further enhance the experience. Terpenes add natural flavor to Oh Hi seltzers without added sugar. Oh Hi cannabis infused drinks are products you won’t feel guilty about indulging in.

Oh Hi marijuana infused beverages are a crowd-pleasing booze alternative for the next bonfire or backpack, backyard hammock session, or whatever else you can think of.