Oh Hi, We’re On The Way

//Oh Hi, We’re On The Way

Oh Hi, We’re On The Way

Oh Hi’s canned sparkling THC seltzer will soon hit Colorado dispensary shelves— the release is so close we can almost taste it.

Oh Hi cannabis seltzers are the first canned craft beverage of their kind in Colorado. Owners Aaron, Jonny, and Matt wanted to make a CBD and THC infused beverage that was refreshingly effervescent, fruit-forward but not too sweet, relaxing and invigorating too— and so began the recipe development process.

We wanted to design the drinks with as little sugar and calories as possible. More flavor than sparkling water, but not like a soda— balanced with subtle, not overpowering, sweetness. We came up with a seltzer that has between 20 and 25 calories, depending on the flavor.

We looked at a broad spectrum of flavors, landing on the ones that tasted the most natural, like real fruit, through terpene profiles. As you’d come to expect from a craft canned seltzer, we wanted Oh Hi’s sparkling THC seltzers to be a good base for adding more ingredients— mocktails, anyone?

Oh Hi seltzers will soon be sold in recreational dispensaries across the state of Colorado as individual cans. Follow along here and on Oh Hi’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for updates.

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